Junior Squads

For younger swimmers who have to date been largely in the swim school environment, the development squad provides an opportunity to experience more structured training sessions with regular frequency.

We have two development squads, depending on age and skill.

Junior B:

Junior B is an introduction to squad swimming, the swimmers in this Squad have moved from the

Learn to Swim program they are learning lane etiquette, learning new training thermology’s and

developing strong skills and correct technique for each of the strokes. Junior B promotes the

development good training skills and habits and establishes expectations of skills and behaviour.

Swimmers are developing base skills and technique across all strokes.

Junior B swimmers are:

 Expected to attend 2 swim sessions per week

 Encouraged to compete at Ribbon nights and club champs if they want to

Junior A:

Junior A swimmers are developing stronger technical skills, developing legal turns and understanding

rules and regulations for racing. Skills and stroke technique must be held consistently over different

stokes and distances of up to 200m. Swimmers should be able to streamlines with at least 4 fly kicks

off each wall.

Junior A swimmers are:

 expected to attend 2-3 swim sessions per week

 encouraged attend ribbon nights and local club meets.

Additional annual club membership fees & term lane hire apply