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Code of Conduct:

The Club and Coach expect all swimmers to behave, train and compete with a good and positive attitude. To this end, the Coach will discuss the Athlete’s Code of Conduct with swimmers when they start swimming with the Club.  Swimmers who choose not to comply with the Code of Conduct may be asked by the Coach to leave the pool, a training session or, ultimately, if non-compliance continues despite warnings, the swimmer may be asked to leave the Club. Sometimes, parents may be asked to attend poolside for several weeks to supervise their children’s behaviour.

All swimmers should be aware of the Swimming New Zealand Code of Conduct, which is on the Club’s website.

Parental Code of Conduct

Transferring from another club; If you are already a competitive swimmer registered with Swimming New Zealand and wish to transfer to/from another club, please contact our Club Recorder at

Swim gear: For some squads, the swimmers may require particular swim gear. The Coach will let the swimmers know what is required/optional (e.g. fins, kickboard, pull buoy, swimmers snorkel, etc). Swimmers will always need a full water bottle!

Swimming competitively: Club swimmers are encouraged to swim competitively. This can be at local club meets and, if qualifying times are met, at regional and national meets.  Competitive swimmers need to pay an annual affiliation fee to Swimming New Zealand. New competitive swimmers can swim in events of 50m or less at local meets without paying the affiliation fee. However, their times cannot be used as qualifying times for regional or national events.

Regional Swim Calendars:

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