Head Coach - Lauren Taylor

A bit about my background and experience in swimming: 

I have been swim coaching and teaching for 18 years across a range of different abilities and ages. I swam competitively myself from the age of 10yrs old through to 23yrs old, I loved the comradery and team atmosphere and spending everyday with my closest friends. I also got to travel around the country and to the Scottish SC championships which was an amazing experience. 

In my coaching career I have coached swimmers at every level from learn to swim through to national and international competitions, I have learnt a lot over the many years, at various clubs. 

I was assistant coach at Fairfield swimming club and St. Pauls Swimming Club under head coach Graham Smith for around 13yrs. While coaching at St Pauls I was selected to be part of the coaching team on a Paralympics Development team at the Australian nationals in 2015. I then was offered the opportunity to move to Melbourne to work at Melbourne Vicentre (one of the biggest clubs in Australia), at MVC I was the State Age coach for 2 years was privileged to work with some of the best athletes and coaches in the country. I then went on to be the Head Coach at SWE, in Hawthorn, Melbourne for 2 years until COVID came around. After a long stint in the Melbourne lockdowns I decided to come back to NZ and worked with Hamilton Aquatics and St. Pauls before excepting the Head Coach role here at QSC. 

I am really excited to be working with QSC to develop a strong, supportive and positive club culture and I look forward to encouraging and challenging swimmers to be the best they can be across all aspects of their lives. One of my favourite parts of swimming coaching is that I am able help them to achieve what they want out of their time in swimming and develop skills and attributes they can use throughout their lives.